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Personalized Letter Openers - Various Styles

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Are you tired of having to tear open letters with your bare hands, teeth or poor quality letter opening knockoffs? Have fights ever commenced and friendships ended when the ownership of a particular letter opener was in dispute? Well, friends, the time to breathe a deep sigh of relief is NOW! With these hand-made, customizable and personalized-able letter openers you will never need to look for other inferior means of opening correspondence again. Not to mention all of the friendships you can save by no longer having to argue over whose letter opener this really is – it will have YOUR name on it! Wahoo!

These letter openers are hand forged and are about 8 inches long. Forging is the process of heating metal to increase its malleability and then working it in various ways, often with a hammer and anvil. When steel is heated and worked a dark material called scale forms on the surface of the metal. Once the forging is completed, most of the scale is removed through wire brushing the surface. This gives a nice silvery finish, which is sealed with a wax, polish or other coating means.

There are various types of handles available (see some of the pictures) which you can request when you purchase. If you are not sure how to describe a particular style, you can tell me the picture and position of the handle on the order or in a message (for example: last picture in the listing, second handle from the bottom).

Also, if you have an idea for a design of your own, I would be happy to collaborate to come up with a letter opener just for you!

You can also have initials or a name stamped on the ‘blade’ part of the letter openers. If you would like to have them personalized, please request that option and then enter the letters you would like put on your new letter opener.

Thanks very much and hope you enjoy!