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Salvaged Railroad Spike Bottle Opener - Twist

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This is a hand forged railroad spike bottle opener made by a real live blacksmith.

These bottle openers start out as retired, rusted railroad spikes. But they have a few more decades in them before they make the final journey to scrap metal heaven.

Each spike is heated up in a forge and a hole is hammered into the top, using a combination of tools. This hole is enlarged through the use of the pointed part of the anvil known as the horn. A lip is then hammered into the top to create the part that catches the cap of your beer or soda. Each step takes several 'heats' - which is what we call the period that we take the metal out of the forge, work it until it cools, and then reheat it. On the last heat, the opener is put in a vise and a giant wrench is used to put the twist into the body.

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